Boum Starter Set Balkonkasten

The solar-powered, automatic watering system that always gives your plants just the right amount of water.

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Just add more pots. Up to 12 pots on one tank.

The Boum Irrigation

For balconies and terraces

Smart irrigation

With solar panel, WiFi, water level sensors, temperature sensors and pump. Can be controlled from anywhere with the Boum app. With power saving mode. Easy to fill thanks to the hinged lid and generous filling opening. UV and rain protected.

Boum app

Measures fill level, water consumption, system status and balcony temperature. Shows how many days the water will last. Watering time can be set.

Water Tank

35L tank allows > 2 weeks of autonomous watering. Water stays fresh thanks to the exclusion of light. Intake filter prevents contamination. UV resistant. Made of high-quality, recycled mineral-plastic mixture with hand finish.



Thanks to the solar panel and water tank, the system works without a power connection and without a water connection



Water level and temperature sensors control irrigation via the Boum app.

14 days

without refilling

The plants are watered even when you are on vacation. The app tells you how long the water will last.


from Switzerland

Locally developed and assembled for the highest quality.

The Boum pot 15 L

with automatic irrigation

Boum pot

15L pot for vegetables, herbs, flowers, shrubs and trees. UV resistant. Made of high-quality, recycled mineral-plastic mixture with hand finish.

Eco-friendly soil and adapted plants

The peat-free Boum substrate with biochar optimizes water balance and plant growth. Adapted, robust, vegetables, herbs, flowers and trees maximize enjoyment and taste.

Constant soil moisture

The self-regulating, calibrated wick irrigation ensures constant soil moisture. A float valve regulates the water supply. Quick connect connection for easy tubing.


less water consumption

Thanks to wick irrigation and sustainable two-layer soil*, no water is lost.


and flexible

Up to 12 pots can be connected to the same irrigation system.

29 cm

root depth

Suitable for growing herbs, vegetables, flowers, shrubs and trees.


made from recycled material

Manufactured from high-quality mineral-plastic mixture with a hand finish. Ideal for balconies and terraces.

Compare sets

Several weeks without watering.

A 15 L Boum pot together with the Boum soil needs a minimum of water. Depending on the number of pots, you only have to fill up the 35 L water tank once every few weeks.

Boum Starter Set
Boum Starter Set Sale priceCHF 349.00
Boum Set Medium
Boum Set Medium Sale priceCHF 547.00
Boum Set Large
Boum Set Large Sale priceCHF 745.00
number of pots




Daily water consumption

0.5 - 1.5L

1.5 - 3L

2.5 - 5L

tank volume




water is enough for

about 5-10 weeks

approx. 1.5 - 3 weeks

about 1-2 weeks

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