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Die richtige Topfgröße für deine Tomaten

The right pot size for your tomatoes

Tomatoes love warm, sunny locations and need enough space to spread their roots. A rule of thumb is that the pot size should be at least 10 liters. However, 15 to 20 liters are better. Wide, deep ...

Vermeide Verholzung deines Basilikums auf Terrasse und Balkon

Avoid lignification of your basil on the terrace and balcony

Do you also love the fresh aroma of basil on your patio or balcony? We all know how this green wonder brightens up our kitchen. But sometimes the strong green is interspersed with brown, woody part...

Alles, was du wissen musst, um deine Tomaten auf Balkon und Terrasse optimal zu düngen

Everything you need to know to optimally fertilize your tomatoes on the balcony and terrace

Are you thinking about growing your own tomatoes on your balcony or terrace? Then I congratulate you on this relaxing and rewarding idea! Tomatoes are an ideal choice for growing in small spaces, ...

3 clevere Optionen, wie du deine Pflanzen in den Ferien gießen kannst

3 clever ways to water your plants during the holidays

Are you going on your well-deserved vacation soon and not sure who should water your beloved balcony or terrace plants? We all know that! Because nothing is worse than returning to a withered plant...

Wie oft muss ich meine Tomaten gießen?

How often do I have to water my tomatoes?

Whether on the balcony, the terrace, or in your own garden - tomatoes are the undisputed favorite among home gardeners. These juicy, red fruits add freshness and flavor to any meal. How often you ...

Verwandle deinen Balkon oder deine Terrasse in ein Paradies für Wildbienen

Transform your balcony or terrace into a paradise for wild bees

Today we would like to go into one plant brick in particular - the organic plant brick "Flowers for wild bees" - which not only offers a breathtaking look, but also does something good for the litt...