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Do you want a thriving home?

Boum is a spin-off from the University of Bern and is developing a planting system for plant lovers .

Boum combines unique plant communities with exciting gardening knowledge and a nature-inspired irrigation system .

We develop and expand our system together with the community . We are looking for exciting people who would like to be part of it.

With a short quiz you can find out if the Boum System would be something for you

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Matthew Erb

plant scientist

Joëlle Martz


Ludwig Auer


Growing plants successfully. Water only every 2-3 weeks.


With our nature-inspired irrigation, you only have to water when you feel like it.

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Harvest and enjoy your own herbs and vegetables


Become a gardener and nurture unique plant communities with our customized strains.

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The magic of nature to pass on

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The community app provides you with all the plant knowledge you need, compact and reliable, exactly when you need it.

Available for Android and iPhone.

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Together we make the world a little greener

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Mach hier ein kurzes Quiz und erfahre, ob die Boum Community etwas für dich wäre.

Du kannst uns auch jederzeit auf WhatsApp oder in der Boum App anschreiben- wir freuen uns auf dich 😊.