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The Boom family

The plant biologist's gray balcony

Matthias is a professor of plant biology, entrepreneur and organic farmer. Despite all his experience, his balcony was regularly gray instead of colored flowers - completely unacceptable! Because the neighbors seemed to feel the same way, Matthias decided to tackle this problem together with Ludwig and thus make a contribution to a more sustainable world.

The engineer with the alpine hut

Ludwig, geophysicist and engineer, often spent the summer in his alpine hut. But how do you grow vegetables there when you're often not there? Ludwig didn't hesitate and built an automatic irrigation system with his father. The idea was contagious: all of his friends suddenly wanted an irrigation system like this for the holidays too!

The longing of the programmer

As a freelance app developer and designer, Johnny helped clients make their digital dreams come true. But his dream was to create an app that takes people away from the screen and towards nature. When Jeremiah knocked and told him about Boum, he did not hesitate to become part of the Boum family.

Anja and the two donkeys

Anja had everything she needed: a wonderful balcony, her own social media company and two little donkeys. Only one thing was missing for spring: beautiful planters to decorate the balcony. Exactly then Boum knocked and Anja thought to herself: That's fine!

The electrician with the raised bed

Mathieu loves plants, is an electrical engineer and had a plan: develop a raised bed with automatic watering! When he found out about Boum, he soon got in touch with the founders and with it the realization that you can get further together than alone. This is how Mathieu became part of the family and the Boum legendπŸ˜‰.

Laure's decorative balcony

Laure Gremion is an award-winning designer - her creations combine organic elegance with functionality. What sounds like a commercial is exactly what makes Boum flowerpots, thanks in no small part to Laure's inspiration.

design and functionality

Before becoming a product designer, Mihai worked in various manufacturing companies. He now designs flower pots and controls for Boum and then conjures up series models from them ✨.