Boum plant fertilizer

For up to 3 Boum pots, for a whole seasonOrder now
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The Boum plant fertilizer is ideal for supplying Boum plants such as vegetables, herbs, trees and flowers with nutrients.

Easy to use: simply insert the Boum fertilizer balls into the Boum soil - done.

Optimal timing: The Boum App lets you know when the plants need fertilizer.

Slow Release: Nutrients are released slowly over weeks so plants get the right amount.

Strong, healthy growth: The Boum fertilizer contains all the necessary nutrients and trace elements so that the plants grow well, flower and produce a tasty yield.

Contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and trace elements such as iron. Ideal together with the Boum soil and the Boum plants.

One pack = complete feeding for up to 3 Boum pots for a whole season.