Boum potting soil 15 L

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The Boum potting soil has been specially optimized for the Boum irrigation system. It is free of peat and coconut and suitable for organic cultivation. It consists of 100% by-products from Swiss forestry and agriculture. It offers optimal capillarity for sub-irrigation.

A biological pre-fertilization provides nutrients for 4-5 weeks.

A layer of reed mulch reduces water loss, prevents siltation and helps against fungus gnats.

The Boum potting soil is supplied in a breathable fabric bag in a moisture-resistant box. It can be easily stored and easily filled into Boum pots when needed.

Ideal for the 15 L Boum pot. Depending on the size of the plants used, one package is sufficient for 1-2 Boum pots.

Ideal for all Boum plants. Suitable as a universal soil for herbs, vegetables, flowers and perennial plants. Not suitable for very drought-loving plants.