Boum pot 15 L

The flower pot that always supplies your plants with the right amount of water.

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The Boum pot.

This is how you build it.

The Boum pot 15 L

with automatic irrigation

boom pot

15 L pot for vegetables, herbs, flowers, shrubs and trees. UV resistant. Made of high-quality, recycled mineral-plastic mixture with hand finish.

Eco-friendly soil and adapted plants

The peat-free Boum substrate with biochar optimizes water balance and plant growth. Adapted, robust, vegetables, herbs, flowers and trees maximize enjoyment and taste.

Constant soil moisture

The self-regulating, calibrated wick irrigation ensures constant soil moisture. A float valve regulates the water supply. Quick connect connection for easy tubing.


Water consumption

The self-regulating wick irrigation ensures constant soil moisture with minimal evaporation loss.



Up to 12 planters can be connected to the same irrigation system.

29 cm

root depth

Suitable for growing herbs, vegetables and flowers.


made from recycled material

Made from high-quality mineral-plastic mixture with hand finish.

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