Boum Mix Set

The innovative, self-watering plant care system, controlled by an app. Solar-powered & beautifully designed. Everything you need to grow plants successfully and with style. Happiness guaranteed.

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Innovation from Switzerland 🇨🇭

Boum is an innovative plant care system with automatic watering, controlled via an app. Solar-powered and decorative. Everything you need to get your plants growing successfully and in style. Happiness guaranteed. Developed with love in Switzerland 🇨🇭

Boum Water Tank

The tank holds up to 35 litres of water. But the real magic lies in the solar-powered control unit. It closes the tank and is the brains of the system. It waters your plants with a built-in pump every day for up to 20 days without refilling, so you don't have to worry about your plants while you're on holidays - Boum will take care of them.

And thanks to the Wi-Fi connection, you can keep an eye on your plants from anywhere. Sensors measure water consumption and the balcony climate and send notifications in the Boum app to keep you and your plants happy throughout the year.

Smart irrigation

With solar panel, WLAN, water level sensors, temperature sensors and pump.
Can be controlled from anywhere thanks to the Boum app.
With energy-saving mode.
Easy to fill thanks to hinged lid and large filler opening.
UV and rain protected.

Boum Pots

Boum's designer pots, available as 15 litre high pots and 13 litre long pots, have a unique feature: capillary wicks that draw water from the pot's built-in reservoir, ensuring optimum soil moisture, allowing you to grow trees, vegetables, herbs, flowers and shrubs - with beautiful results that surpass anything you can achieve with conventional pots! The pots are connected to the water tank via an inconspicuous, easy-to-install hose and are thus supplied with water completely autonomously for several weeks.

The Boum pots are made of an 80% recycled mineral-plastic mix with a hand finish, they are decorative, shock and break-proof, easy to move, UV and frost resistant

Constant soil moisture

The self-regulating, calibrated wick irrigation system ensures constant soil moisture. A float valve regulates the water supply. Quick Connect connection for easy connection of the hoses.

Amazing results

Our customers agree: together with the optimised soil and the adapted plants, the Boum system delivers unique results.

Boum or drip irrigation

Why is the Boum system better than conventional drip irrigation?
Quite simple.
The control system measures the water level in the water tank and pumps water into our containers. From there, the water is drawn up into the soil using wicks. The soil moisture regulates itself according to the plant's water requirements and forms an optimum moisture gradient for good rooting. Completely self-regulating. Even without electricity and water connection.


The best plant care system, simple & elegant.

Boum App

Your mobile phone is all you need to control the Boum system and keep an eye on it from anywhere. The app is included with the Boum system - at no extra cost. It tells you when you should next refill the tank, fertilise your plants or protect them from heat or cold. So that nothing can go wrong.

And as if that wasn't enough, the app gives you exclusive access to our specialists at the touch of a button, who will be happy to answer your questions and solve your problems with a friendly smile.

Carefree holidays

The Boum system takes care of your plants independently for several weeks, even when you are not at home. So you no longer have to ask the neighbours for help. With the app, you can see at any time whether everything is OK. And when you come home after your holiday, a green paradise awaits you instead of dried-out plants.

Support from specialists

If you have any questions or need support, we are always there for you personally in the Boum app. No customer hotline, no waiting times, just expert advice directly from us. We solve your problems quickly and easily. Thanks to integrated diagnostics and our expertise in biology and technology, we can provide specific help to ensure that you and your plants stay happy!

Compare sets

Several weeks without watering.

A 15 litre Boum pot needs a minimum of water together with the Boum soil. This means you only need to top up the 35 litre water tank once every few weeks, depending on the number of pots.

Boum Starter Set
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Boum Set Medium
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Boum Set Large
Boum Set Large Sale priceCHF 745.00
Number of pots




Daily water consumption

0.5 - 1.5L

1.5 - 3L

2.5 - 5L

Tank volume




Water is sufficient for

approx. 5-10 weeks

approx. 1.5 - 3 weeks

approx. 1-2 weeks


You can find explanatory & assembly videos on our YouTube channel.

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