Seedling Fragrant Nettle "Voilet"

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With its blue-purple flowers, which bloom from July to September, the fragrant nettle is a real eye-catcher and is also wonderful for attracting insects. The fragrant nettle forms upright stems that are full of flowers and has leaves that resemble stinging nettles in appearance. The perennial grows up to one meter tall and has a very fine fragrance!

The scented nettle is a perennial plant. It can be planted directly into the Boum system and grows optimally with the Boum soil and irrigation.

The seedlings are pre-grown in spring and delivered to your home conveniently and securely packaged from March 2024.

Depending on the season, the seedling may be cut back at the time of delivery or may not yet have sprouted. In the Boum system, however, the plant will quickly recover and start to grow.

Lighting conditions


The fragrant nettle (Agastache rugosa) prefers a sunny location. It is best to place the plant in a spot that receives a few hours of direct sunlight.
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Water & Earth


With the Boum System, the fragrant nettle (Agastache rugosa) automatically receives the optimum amount of water without waterlogging or drying out.
If you do not have a Boum system, you should water the plant regularly so that it has evenly moist soil without water logging. Make sure that the soil dries slightly between waterings before watering again to avoid overwatering.

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