How do I prune basil properly for optimal growth on the patio or balcony?

Wie schneide ich Basilikum richtig für optimales Wachstum auf Terrasse oder Balkon?

Today we dedicate ourselves to the popular kitchen herb, the basil. It goes well with almost every Mediterranean dish and the question often arises: How do I cut it correctly so that it grows optimally on my terrace or balcony?

Growth boost through the right cut - that's how it works!

The right cut is essential for dense growth. Instead of cutting individual leaves, always cut directly above the pair of leaves. It is best to choose a spot where the basil already has two to three pairs of leaves. In this way you stimulate the herb to form side shoots and this becomes bushier and fuller.

Always harvest from above

An important tip is to always harvest from above, as this also promotes bushy growth. Also, try to harvest regularly—even when you don't have a need for basil. In this way you get the plant to produce new shoots again and again and it grows more luxuriantly.

But beware! If you let your basil go into the bud, it will quickly become woody and lose its aroma. Therefore, check regularly and remove the inflorescences in good time.

Light, warmth and the right watering

Basil loves light and warmth. Supplement these conditions with Boum's automatic watering system and your basil will thrive on your balcony or patio.

Combined with good pruning practices, your basil will grow strong and healthy - the perfect base for many delicious recipes! Have fun growing and enjoying!

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