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Decorate your balcony - tips and inspiration

Dekoriere deinen Balkon - Tipps und Inspiration von Boum

The balcony can quickly become your favorite place in the apartment. The mission: Move the cozy living room outside with the right balcony design. A little inspiration and a few simple steps are often enough to create a balcony that is entirely in your style. Of course, this works best with plants, but if you add the right furniture, the right lighting and beautiful decorations, your balcony becomes an oasis of well-being.

Small balcony comfortably decorated

Why balcony decoration is so important: Find your own style

It doesn't matter whether it's large with a roof or a small area - a balcony can be the ideal extension of your apartment. Think of your balcony as an extra room and furnish it in your own style. Before you start planning the balcony furniture and decoration, you can think about which look you particularly like. Are you the Mediterranean type or do you like Scandinavian hygge? Do you find boho accessories comfortable, do you like colors or do you prefer something minimalistic? You don't have to plan your balcony design in advance, but take a quick look at the pictures - if you have a favorite look, you can include it in your ideas for the decoration.

Plants for your balcony garden: a private oasis in the city

A few flowers, big effect: Planting the balcony is not only fun, it is also one of the simplest tips for beautifying your balcony. And sometimes more is more here. Don't skimp on the quantity, because plants really bring the balcony to life. Of course, you should choose specimens that are suitable for outdoor use and feel comfortable outdoors. The orientation of your balcony also plays an important role, whether it's flowers for decoration or a balcony garden with vegetables.

Balcony plants ensure cosiness and liveliness

East balcony: breakfast in the sun

If you have an east-facing balcony, you can already enjoy the first rays of sunshine in the morning. What could be nicer than a balcony breakfast? Since the sun moves on from midday, you should make sure when choosing plants that they can also get by with little light and partial shade.

South-facing balcony: holiday feeling at home

South-facing balconies are particularly popular. No wonder, you get sun all day long here. But be nice to your plants: just like you, they appreciate sun protection. So it's best to make sure that they like sunny locations and give them some protection against drying out. Like geraniums, olive trees or guava, sun worshipers often originally come from more southern regions and are correspondingly resilient.

Oriental style balcony decoration

West balcony: after work with me!

The after-work beer or a barbecue with friends in the evening sun - the west-facing balcony is perfect for the end of the day. If you want to emphasize this, look for plants that only bloom in the evening.

North balcony: comfort in the shade

On a north-facing balcony you have no direct sun. But you can still turn your balcony into a summer living room. Make the area comfortable and make sure that the plants are not dependent on direct sunlight when planting greenery. Ivy, ferns or box trees feel comfortable in the shade. Herbs such as wild garlic or watercress are also good choices. This will give you a shady retreat when the temperature soars.

Tips & tricks for the balcony garden: Combine location and style

Not only the furniture makes up your style, you can also pick up the theme of your decoration with plants! Combine the orientation of your balcony with the look you want. You have a south-facing balcony and like it Mediterranean? Then a lemon tree and lavender would definitely be the right thing. Or rather minimalist? Cacti are easy to care for and can be a highlight on the balcony.

This is how you beautify your balcony from summer to winter

Your balcony in spring: planning and equipment

At the beginning of the year we plan and prepare! When it slowly gets friendlier outside again, it's great fun to tackle the balcony. And that doesn't just mean spring cleaning, but also planning for the rest of the year.
Think about which plants suit your balcony layout and style. You can already place the first herbs and spring bloomers and bring in vegetables and summer flowers from March.

A wild mix of furniture and colors can look great

And the most important thing to ensure a cozy balcony all year round: plan the decoration! This time of year is perfect for acquiring the basics, which are then supplemented with suitable accessories depending on the season. Be a little considerate of the balcony orientation and let your creativity run free, from a seating area with a uniform color scheme to a wild mix of colors and exciting finds, there are no limits!

Balcony furniture: comfort and decoration

Furniture on the balcony is not just seating, but also plays an important role as a decorative element. Of course, in addition to the desired style, the space is also crucial: for small balconies, folding chairs and a table attached to the balcony railing are useful, for larger ones you can also choose lounge chairs and garden tables - whether it's the DIY pallet sofa for a small price or a designer variant. Basically you can decorate everything so that it fits into the overall picture. But be careful when choosing: With a south-facing balcony you should pay attention to the materials, for example metal heats up quickly.

Furniture made of rattan or wood ensures cosiness and a summer feeling

Plant pots and flower boxes

The containers for your plants should not only be suitable for the respective plant, but can also be designed to match the decoration. How about rat baskets or homemade wooden casings for your balcony boxes? With a minimalist style, for example, you can choose simpler pots made of stone or concrete.

Do you have questions about choosing the right pots for your balcony? Before you start looking, here are some tips.

Patterned outdoor carpets turn the balcony into a living room

Ideas for the balcony floor

Don't forget the floor! It is not only practical, but also decisive for the overall impression of your balcony decoration. Depending on the style you want, you have a variety of options here: Patterned outdoor carpets underline the Boho feeling on the balcony, are weatherproof and easy to clean. With click tiles, you can create more hygge with wood, or create a minimalist look with plastic or natural stone. You can also include the orientation of the balcony here: stone stores the sun and can get very warm under certain circumstances, while you can still walk barefoot on wood or an outdoor carpet even in hot temperatures. No matter what floor you choose for the balcony: It is important that water can drain off well.

Balcony decoration with light creates atmosphere

Balcony lighting creates atmosphere

When we talk about coziness, lighting plays the main role in balcony design. In the evening in particular, you can create the desired atmosphere on your balcony with the right light. Solar-powered lanterns and fairy lights are a great choice for sunny balconies, some of which turn themselves on at dusk. Wax candles create a great atmosphere in shady places and protected in lanterns - be careful, they melt away in the direct sun.

Lanterns as decoration for the outside area

Privacy screen for balconies

Having a good relationship with your neighbors is important - but sometimes you want to be safe, too. If your balcony is very visible and you have a lattice railing, you can provide more privacy with a privacy screen. There are beautiful variants made of natural materials such as bamboo or raffia, but depending on your preference you can also use simpler products. Another option is plants. Whether climbing or hanging plants - planted in the spring, they have enough time to form a privacy screen until summer or to green a partition wall on larger balconies.

Wreaths of dried flowers embellish the balcony wall

With accessories, the balcony becomes a summer living room

In summer, the focus is on the plants. It doesn't matter whether you create cosiness with many different flowers or dedicate yourself to your balcony garden with vegetables - now is the time for care and harvest. If you want to do animals a favor, reserve spots for bee-friendly plants and set up a small watering trough for birds. They will thank you! Fly screens on the door (also available in different designs) and plants that do not deter mosquitoes, such as lavender, lemongrass, lemon balm or rosemary, help against all uninvited visitors.

You already took care of the right balcony design at the beginning of the year, now comes the relaxing part. Enjoy your balcony and decorate it with the right accessories for the right season. The weather becomes more predictable and you can use pillows and pads for coziness. If you like it more playful, try macrame hangings for flower pots or make decorative elements with dried flowers and a metal ring.

Hammocks create a holiday feeling on the balcony and terrace

Sun protection is becoming more important and it also looks good. A parasol is essential in the blazing sun, here you can again choose your desired style. Simpler models go with minimalism and there are beautiful fabric variants for boho fans. If you have more space, think about an awning! Sun loungers or hammocks ensure a real holiday feeling on the balcony or terrace. If you don't have a suspension for the latter, maybe one with a stand will become your new favorite place? Holidays on balconies, who needs a South Sea island...

Lanterns ensure a cozy balcony atmosphere in autumn

This is how your autumn balcony will be cosy

After enjoying the summer, it's getting fresher again. Nevertheless, your balcony can be a cozy place to stay in autumn! Grab your furs and blankets and make yourself comfortable. There shouldn't be much on the floor now, but with cushioned seating, the balcony could become your favorite reading nook. Lanterns made of glass or metal create a cozy atmosphere and they don't mind the weather.

By the way, with the right balcony plants you can continue to provide a green oasis. If you have not chosen hardy plants, you could now also consider whether you want to replant the balcony for the colder season.

Pillows and upholstery make the balcony cozy in autumn

Winter on the balcony: Do something good for the animals

You'll probably spend less time outdoors now, but you can still make great use of the space. While you put away the accessories and weatherproof your balcony again, take care of the animals again. How about corn dumplings or a bird feeder? That looks nice and so you continue to get nice visitors from birds and maybe squirrels - winter cinema while sipping tea.

And the most important thing in the dark winter months: with beautiful lighting on the balcony you create a good atmosphere during the Advent and Christmas season. Maybe a small decorated fir tree will find its place in the pot.

where to start Maybe right here with us!

At Boum, we want to bring nature back into the cities and onto the balcony. That's why we have developed decorative planters with automatic watering , sustainable soil and adapted plants that allow you to experience magical nature on the balcony and terrace. Take a look at the idea on the website - maybe you will be inspired 😊.

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