Swiss precision work for green balconies

Schweizer Präzisionsarbeit für grüne Balkone

Our goal is to make the world bloom with our systems! As a spin-off from the University of Bern, research and excellence are important to our work.

We have had many discussions with customers, evaluated data and thought about how we can make the Boum system even better. By "better" we mean: lighter, more sustainable, more robust, more elegant and even more user-friendly.

For this we drove through Switzerland (mostly by bike) and looked all over the world for the right components, materials and technologies and diligently developed them.

In order to further develop our product as quickly as possible, we use modern technologies and good old manual work. Our test models are produced in a 3D printer, then assembled by us and tested outside or in the greenhouse.

We have great engineers, software developers and biologists on the team. This allows us to develop our systems completely ourselves and in Switzerland - a real advantage in terms of quality and speed.

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