Transform your balcony or terrace into a paradise for wild bees

Verwandle deinen Balkon oder deine Terrasse in ein Paradies für Wildbienen
Today we would like to go into one plant brick in particular - the organic plant brick "Flowers for wild bees" - which not only offers a breathtaking look, but also does something good for the little helpers of our nature.


Plant bricks, also known as plant bricks, are an innovation in urban planting. They usually consist of a specialized substrate into which a seed mix is ​​placed. In our case, the organic plant brick "Flowers for wild bees", the focus is on a diverse sea of ​​flowers that is specially tailored to the needs of the hard-working insects.


The idea for plant tiles actually comes from the field of green roofs. There they have long been a tried and tested means of planting green roofs easily and effectively. However, they are increasingly finding their way into our gardens and onto our balconies to provide blooming splendor and a habitat for insects.

The sight offered by a blooming plant brick is spectacular. When the late bloomer is in top form, a colorful sea of ​​flowers is created that makes every balcony an eye-catcher. And best of all, you are making a contribution to preserving biodiversity by providing food and a habitat for wild bees and other insects.


Plant bricks are designed as extremely easy-care balcony plants. They get by with little fertilizer and are usually equipped with plants that can survive short periods of drought without any problems. Nevertheless, it is of course important to keep an eye on your plants and to take care of them if necessary.


Although plant bricks are generally rather undemanding, they are of course happy about a regular and sufficient water supply. Especially in summer, when the sun shines on the balcony all day, it can get dry quickly. This is where the subject of "balcony watering" comes into play. An automatic watering system ensures the ideal conditions for your plant bricks. Here, the Boum irrigation system has proven particularly effective. With its intelligent controls and the ability to care for up to twelve bricks or containers, it's the perfect solution for those who want the best possible care for their late bloomers, but don't always have the time (or inclination) to do it manually .

With little effort, we create an oasis for insects in our urban environment - and for ourselves. Start now and turn your balcony into an insect paradise!"

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