Himalayan indigo bush: A dash of color on balconies and patios

Himalaja-Indigostrauch: Ein Farbtupfer auf Balkon und Terrasse

There are plants that don't need much to make it big. One of them is the Himalayan indigo bush, which is attracting more and more balcony and terrace owners with its bright color and uncomplicated care. But what makes the blue plant so special? Learn more about it in this Boum blog post.

typology and origin

The Himalayan indigo bush (Indigofera heterantha), from the legume family (Fabaceae), is known as a robust, easy-care and particularly richly flowering species. As the name suggests, this long-lived plant comes from the high altitudes of the Himalayas and is therefore hardy and very well suited to our climate.


Depending on where you plant it, the Himalayan indigo bush can reach heights of 1-3 meters. Its lush growth with loosely overhanging shoots and the elegant, pinnate, deep green leaves make it an eye-catcher. What makes it unique, however, are the small, rich pink-purple to indigo-blue butterfly flowers that hang from the bush in long, upright, multi-capillary racemes from June to September. This color explosion is a real highlight on every balcony and terrace.


With the right location and proper care, the Himalayan indigo shrub can provide decades of enjoyment. As a sun-loving plant, it prefers bright to full sun locations. A loose, permeable and nutrient-rich soil ensures that it thrives. Once it has grown, it can also cope well with drought and is therefore considered to be quite easy to care for.

Watering & Irrigation

Despite its good drought tolerance, the Himalayan indigo bush also depends on adequate irrigation. On particularly hot days, it should even be watered more often. Care must be taken to ensure that no waterlogging occurs.

If you are on holiday and have to leave the indigo bush behind, you should think about holiday watering. With Boum watering, this is no longer a problem: With this ingenious technique, you can adjust the water balance of your plants so that your Himalayan indigo bush is optimally supplied, even when you are not at home.

The balcony irrigation works independently: The Boum control pumps the water from the Boum water tank into the Boum planters. Up to 12 pots can be watered automatically and individually. The planters have wicks that transport the water directly to the roots. This prevents overwatering and drying out.

In this way, the Himalayan indigo bush brings color to the balcony or terrace even when you are away and greets you with its bright blue when you return. So you see, with the right care and the right watering, this plant is a long-lasting and colorful companion that will surely give you many years of pleasure.

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