The right pot size for your tomatoes

Die richtige Topfgrösse für deine Tomaten

Tomatoes love warm, sunny locations and need enough space to spread their roots. A rule of thumb is that the pot size should be at least 10 liters. However, 15 to 20 liters are better. Wide, deep pots offer more space for the roots, which can then absorb the nutrients better. But beware! Of course, large pots also require more watering. And this is where the 'magic flower pot' comes into play.

Have you ever heard of 'self-watering flower pots'? This clever system, also called 'subirrigation', works in a very special way. The pot has a water reservoir that is connected to the plant substrate via wicks. These wicks transport the water slowly and constantly into the substrate and thus provide the plant with optimal moisture.

The advantages? You don't have to water constantly and the plants are always ideally cared for. Tomatoes don't like 'wet feet'. Even watering is important for lush, juicy tomatoes that can ripen perfectly. Excess water is avoided, which avoids root rot and mold.

Another plus that you will surely like is the time saving. Watering can quickly become an annoying routine, especially when there are several pots on the balcony. These pots will save you time and frustration so you can focus on watching your tomatoes grow.

Our tip for you: The Boum planters. They have a sophisticated watering system that optimally cares for your plants. Boum is committed to sustainable and smart irrigation. With the Boum pots and the Boum watering system, even thirsty plants and hot days are no longer a problem. You no longer need to worry that the tomato plants will die of thirst during your vacation week.

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