Boum App Update: New features for your Boum system

Boum App Update: Neue Funktionen für dein Boum System

We have good news for you and your Boum system 💫. The Boum App has been enhanced with new features to better support you in making your home bloom with Boum.

The new features in the Boum App

  • fertilizer notifications. Based on the plant's age and nutrient needs, the app will let you know when it's time to fertilize. With this useful function you make sure that your plants get the nutrients they need and thrive 🍅.
  • Plant journal: record the development of your plants in a photo journal. Assess and document their growth. Upload photos to follow the development of your plants over time. If you have any questions about plant growth, you can share the pictures with us in the chat so that we can help you even more easily.
  • Weather Alerts: Based on your location, the weather forecast and the plant database, the app warns you when it's getting too cold for your plants or when a dangerous storm is approaching. This is how you can protect your plants from extreme weather events 🌦️.
  • Weather forecast: Stay up to date on the weather conditions for your plants thanks to the integrated weather forecast in the Boum app.
  • Notification Settings: Customize which notifications you want to receive and which not 📱.

We hope that you enjoy the new features and that they make the plants in your home even more enjoyable. Download version 2.2 of the Boum app now from the Play or App Store and discover the new functions. Have fun. 🪴

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