Mushrooms in the flowerpot - what to do?

Pilze im Blumentopf – Was tun?
As beautiful as the sight of freshly blossomed plants on the balcony and terrace may be, there are always unpleasant surprises on a summer morning. This includes small fungi that have made their way to the surface of your flower pot overnight. No reason to panic! We'll explain what these little intruders are doing on your patio and how to get rid of them safely.

Causes of fungi in the flower pot

Even if we are used to mushrooms in the wild or on the supermarket shelf, we are startled when they appear in flower pots. Especially on the patio or balcony where our favorite flowers and herbs grow. Let's first see why they are created there in the first place. It is usually due to excessive moisture. Are you sure you're not watering too much? With an automatic watering system like the Boum system, you have a real ace up your sleeve: it always provides your plants with just the right amount of water.

A second factor can be the quality of the potting soil. Cheap soil often contains fungal spores that can start to germinate under certain conditions, such as too much moisture.

Treatment: How to get rid of the fungus?

A cheap solution would be to adjust the automatic watering of your balcony by the Boum system. With the right setting, you can reduce the amount of water poured and counteract an oversupply.

Another option is to swap out the fungus-infested soil. Be thorough and remove any fungi before they can disperse their spores. After cleaning, fill the pot with fresh, good quality soil and plant the plant again.

Avoiding fungal infestation

Are you wondering how you can avoid fungal infestation on the terrace or balcony in the future? Excellent question! The easiest way is to choose good soil and proper watering. Using an automatic irrigation system like the Boum system can be a key to success here. It regulates the amount and frequency of water so that the plants are never too wet or too dry and the risk of fungal attack is minimized.

With a few simple precautions, you can prevent fungi from growing in your flower pots on the balcony or terrace. Automatic watering systems like Boum can help you ensure the perfect watering for your plants and keep unwanted soil fungi at bay. So you can fully concentrate on enjoying your flowering plants!

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