Everything you need to know to optimally fertilize your tomatoes on the balcony and terrace

Was du wissen musst, um deine Tomaten auf Balkon und Terrasse optimal zu düngen

Are you thinking about growing your own tomatoes on your balcony or terrace? Then I congratulate you on this relaxing and rewarding idea! Tomatoes are an ideal choice for growing in small spaces, and thanks to the Boum app, you'll find it easy to keep your plants happy and healthy. Let's take a closer look.

1. The perfect spot for your tomatoes

Tomatoes love the sun, so a sunny spot on the balcony or terrace is ideal for them. Make sure they get at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day for best results.

2. Preparation is the key to success

Before you start planting, you need to ensure the quality of your soil. Tomatoes prefer a neutral to slightly acidic pH and well-drained soil. You can add compost or organic fertilizer to improve the soil. Now you might be wondering, "How often do I need to fertilize my tomatoes?" That's where the Boum app comes in, telling you exactly that!

3. Fertilize as needed

Tomatoes are heavy eaters and need regular fertilizing during the growing season. The exact timing and frequency of fertilizing depends on many factors, including the quality of your soil and the growing stage of your tomatoes.

The good news is that the Boum app sends personalized notifications when your plants need fertilizing. With the Boum app, you'll never have to guess or remember when to fertilize again - just select a plant and forget it!

4. Automatic watering

Watering tomatoes regularly can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you work or plan to travel during the summer. This is where the Boum automatic watering system comes into play. It waters your plants exactly as needed and lets you know via the Boum app when the water level gets too low - a perfect help for growing tomatoes on the balcony or patio!


Homegrown tomatoes are a treat and with the right care and support from automatic watering and the Boum app, anyone can successfully grow tomatoes on their balcony or patio. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready for fresh, juicy tomatoes straight from your balcony or patio!

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