You can grow plants.

We promise.

The Innovative self-watering Plant Care System controlled with an App. Solar-powered & beautifully designed. Everything You need to grow plants successfully in style. Guaranteed happiness.

Watering? Boum will do it for you

Not sure how often you should water your plants? Or how much water your plants need? Maybe you're going on vacation and are worried that your plants won't survive? Boum solves these problems for you. Simply fill the 35L Water Tank and let the Boum system do the work for you. It waters your plants automatically with just the right amount of water, long enough for you to enjoy your summer holidays. The result will amaze you!

No power connection required

Boum has its own solar panel that generates green energy. Installed in a sunny spot, it supplies the Boum system with power without you having to plug it into a socket. No cables and no electricity bill. It's as simple as that.

Unique soil & plants

Our soil and plants have been specially developed for use with the Boum system. Both have been optimized to ensure the best possible results. The Boum soil is made from 100% by-products of Swiss forestry and agriculture, and the plants come from sustainable cultivation. The result: a home that blossoms in all the colors of nature!

Everything in sight - from anywhere

The Boum app is everything you need to control the Boum system. From autonomous watering with the right amount of water to warnings about storms, frost or low water levels. The app even tells you when you should fertilize your plants. The integrated database of 4,000 plants includes tips on soil, water, nutrients and care.

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