Grow vegetables. No matter where.

With the Boum irrigation & planting system

Here's how it works

Grow plants. No matter where.

Vegetables, flowers, herbs & trees

In 3 Schritten zum eigenen Gemüse.


Connect your Boum pots.

Place the Boum pots in your favorite place and connect them to the water tank. Connect your control to the WiFi & the app. 🪴

To the pots


Fill up the water tank.

Fill up the water tank. The app tells you how long the water will last and when you need to refill it. ✨

For irrigation


Plant something.

Place adapted Boum vegetables, herbs, flowers and trees in the sustainable Boum soil and watch them grow. 🍅 Everything regulates itself.

To the seedlings

Control & water tank

The 35L water tank supplies your plants with water. It can be easily filled through the generous filling opening. The Boum control is located at the top of the tank. It measures water consumption and water level, and controls the pump that supplies the pots with the right amount of water once a day. Thanks to a small solar panel, no special connections are required. Here's how it works.


The Boum plants are specifically tested for the irrigation system and the Boum soil, maximizing gardener success. The herbs and vegetables, perennials, trees and wildflower mixtures are selected so that they grow with as little effort as possible, so that cultivation works even for people without a green thumb. The app provided all the necessary information on caring for and fertilizing the Boum plants. To the plants


The Boum pot is a robust designer planter with integrated, self-regulated irrigation. It is connected to the Boum water tank via a hose using a convenient Quick Connect system. A shimmer valve regulates the water supply. Wicks draw the water from the bottom of the container into the soil. Depending on the water consumption of the plant, the wicks draw more or less water. This means that the flower pot regulates itself, without the hassle of adjusting the amount of water. To the pot


The Boum app is connected to the control via WiFi. This means that the filling level, water consumption and balcony temperature can be viewed from anywhere. The app shows how many days there is enough water in the tank and provides personalised advice for optimal plant growth. To the app

Soil & reed mulch

The Boum plant soil has been specially optimized for the Boum irrigation system. It offers good capillary action and thus draws the water from the wicks upwards. A layer of reed mulch reduces water loss and prevents siltation. When it rains, the pot becomes a rain catcher: the water flows from the earth into the lower part of the pot and is stored there. This avoids standing water in the root area. To Earth

We test our plants.

In Bern 🇨🇭 our plants are tested indoors and outdoors.

Vegetables, herbs and wildflowers come from organic production 🌿. We offer the ones that grow best with Boum soil and irrigation in our shop.

We deliver all plants seasonally, safely and conveniently to your home.📦

Smart but nature inspired.

Water-saving, self-regulating and autonomous, through biology, software & hardware. Click on the "+" to find out more about the functions of the Boum system.

To the starter set

Water Tank

35 L tank allows > 2 weeks of autonomous irrigation. Water stays fresh thanks to the exclusion of light. Suction filter prevents contamination. UV resistant. Made from high-quality, recycled mineral-plastic mixture with a hand finish.

Smart irrigation

With solar panel, WiFi, water level sensors, temperature sensors and pump. Controllable from anywhere with the Boum app. With power saving mode. Easy to fill thanks to the hinged lid and generous filling opening. UV and rain protected.

Boum pot

15 L pot for vegetables, herbs and flowers. Self-regulating, calibrated wick irrigation ensures constant soil moisture. A float valve regulates the water supply. Quick connect connection for easy tubing. UV resistant. Made from high-quality, recycled mineral-plastic mixture with a hand finish.

Eco-friendly soil and adapted plants

The peat-free Boum soil with biochar optimizes the water balance and plant growth. Adapted vegetables, herbs, flowers and trees maximize enjoyment and taste.

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Several weeks without watering.

A 15 L Boum pot together with the Boum soil needs a minimum of water. Depending on the number of pots, you only have to fill up the 35 L water tank once every few weeks.

Boum Starter Set
Boum Starter Set Sale priceCHF 349.00
Boum Set Medium
Boum Set Medium Sale priceCHF 547.00
Boum Set Large
Boum Set Large Sale priceCHF 745.00
Number of pots




Daily water consumption

0.5 - 1.5L

1.5 - 3L

2.5 - 5L

Tank volume




Water is enough for

about 5-10 weeks

approx. 1.5 - 3 weeks

about 1-2 weeks

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